What Is a Veenie?

Glad you Asked!


A Veenie is Chef AJ's greatest creation to date. Plant based, Vegan "wieners". Instead of trying to be like the other folks, and forcing perfect vegetables to try and imitate meats, JustAJ's Veenies are delicious vegetables that taste like...whoa, delicious vegetables!



Veenies are soy and gluten free. 

Veggies (many locally sourced) and seasonings are blended together and stuffed into a cellulose casing. Veenies can be eaten like a leveled up hot dog, in a toasted bun with chef made toppings to complement the Veenie's flavor-- or used like you'd use any other sausage. Veenies are great in pasta sauces, jambalayas, tacos, on breakfast sandwiches, in grains, topped on salads... the possibilities are nearly endless. 

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